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Thermodata Viewer Software (Including USB-adapter DS9490R)


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Thermodata Viewer Software (Including USB-adapter DS9490R)
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Thermodata Viewer is a straightforward entry level application for temperature loggers.  It was designed to be a fast and intutitive software package that makes managing the loggers a breeze. 
The main tasks performed by the software are as follows:
  • Replaced Thermo Reports.
  • Configures and downloads all Thermochron loggers in seconds. 
  • View tables of logger readings, or view and print logger reading graphs.
  • Data is saved in CSV format for easy incorporation into spreadsheets or other applications, including Thermodata 3.
    • Make managing data much more effecient 
  • Store locations and other information in logger memory.

Supported Thermochrons & Hygrochrons:

  • DS1921G-F5
  • DS1921G-F5#
  • DS1921H-F5
  • DS1921H-F5#
  • DS1921L-F5
  • DS1921Z-F5
  • DS1921Z-F5#
  • DS1922E-F5#
  • DS1922L-F5
  • DS1922L-F5#
  • DS1922T-F5
  • DS1922T-F5#
  • DS1923-F5  
  • DS1923-F5#

Please observe that the software is licenced/locked to be used with the USB-adapter that is shipped with the software. The software will not run if used with another USB-adapter.


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