Z-wave vriddimmer

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The knob smart dimmer is a Z-Wave device designed to work with various types of light sources. It may be connected to two-wire or three-wire configuration so it can operate with or without neutral lead. The dimmer can switch or dim connected light source either through Z-Wave devices or through the rotary knob directly. The smart dimmer is equipped with an algorithm of smart light source detection which makes configuration easier and ensures high compatibility of the device. It may be used as a switch with non-dimmable light sources (in 3- wire connection).

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Fibaro HC2/Lite
HA & Domoticz
ZNet Lite V1/V2
Animus Heart

The dimmer can be included and operated in any Z-Wave network with other Z-Wave certified devices from other manufacturers and/or other applications. All non-battery operated nodes within the network will act as repeaters regardless of vendor to increase reliability of the network.

The encryption mode that the dimmer supports is S2 Unauthenticated. When the dimmer is being included into a Z-Wave network, you can use your primary controller/gateway to enable encryption mode or disable encryption. (The primary controller/gateway shall support encryption mode configuration). The dimmer supports OTA and can update firmware wirelessly.

Main Features:

• Advanced microprocessor control
• Implemented algorithm of smart light source detection
• Auto-adjustment of the appropriate control mode to connected load
• Active power and energy metering functionality
• Soft start function
• Memory of the last lighting level settings

It operates under the following loads:
• Conventional incandescent and HV halogen light sources
• ELV halogen lamps and dimmable LED bulbs (with electronic transformers)
• MLV halogen lamps (with ferromagnetic transformers)
• Dimmable LED bulbs
• Dimmable compact fluorescent CFL tube lamps

It can be configured to use “Trailing edge” or “Leading edge” to control following load types:
• "Trailing edge" for resistive loads
• "Trailing edge" for capacitive loads
• "Leading edge" for inductive loads

  • Resistive loads
  • Conventional incandescent and halogen light sources: 20-600W @ 230V

  • Capacitive loads
  • Fluorescent tube lamp (compact / with electronic ballast), electronic transformer, LED: Using Bypass: 3-300W @ 230V, No Bypass Used: 20-300W @ 230V

  • Inductive loads
  • Ferromagnetic transformers : 20-300W @ 230V

  • Max. Load Current 2.8A
  • Operating temperature 0 to 40°C
  • Relative humidity 8% to 80%
  • Dimensions 83.8 x 83.8 x 52.4 mm
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Z-wave vriddimmer SR-ZV2835RAC