• Stöd för Z-wave plus.

Fibaro Single Switch 2 (1x1,8kW)

Art.nr: FGS-213
569 Kr
Lagerstatus: 219
Leveranstid: 1-3 Vardagar
Fibaro FGS-213 - GEN5-Insatsbrytare 1x1,8 kW från Fibaro!
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Fibaro HC2/Lite
HA & Domoticz
ZNet Lite V1/V2
Animus Heart


The new Relay Switch 2 available as a Single and Double switch was designed to activate and deactivate electrical devices. Thanks to its small size it can be mounted in junction boxes or inside device casings. The module is controlled either through the Z-Wave network or a simple switch. Power and energy usage measurement feature allows you to monitor and lower your utility bills

  • * Connect your FIBARO Switch 2 to the system and other devices to enjoy the almost endless possibilities!
  • * Built-in scene activation mechanism
  • * Security and notification communication classes
  • * Configuration menu with a diode
  • * Latest generation Z-Wave 500 series chip
  • * Z-Wave Plus protocol
  • * Energy and power measurement of connected devices
  • * Supports secure mode (Z-Wave Network Security) encrypted with AES-128
  • * A complex system of control for each channel
  • * A complex system of scene activation for each channel (scene management)
  • * 1 to 3 presses and holding the key pressed down can be mapped to four different actions
  • * Very accurate energy measurement +/- 1 % for power above 5W
  • * Smart notifications
  • * Sockets with more convenient connectors
  • * User-friendly configuration menu
  • * Z-Wave network coverage tester
  • * Software updates*

  • Spänning: 110-230V AC
  • Temperaturområde: 0-35 °C
  • Dimensioner: 42,5 x 38,25 x 20,3 mm
  • För installation i apparatdosor: ? 50 mm
  • Max I: 8A för resistiv last
  • Anläggningskrav: Avsäkras max 10A i elcentral
  • Enhet regleras via: Radio / tryckknapp
  • Effekt radiosignal: 1mW
  • Radiofrekvens: 868,4 MHz (EU)
  • Räckvidd: upp till 50 m utomhus, upp till 30 m inomhus
Mått(BxDxH): 42.5 x 38.25 x 20.3 mm
Min effekt (W): 0
Z-Wave plus: Ja
Max effekt (W): 1840
Spänning: 230V AC 50Hz
Typ av montering: Inbyggnad
Fibaro Single/Double Switch User Manual
Hemautomation är starkt vanebildande och kan snabbt leda till ett beroende av att automatisera mer och mer.
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