ZigBee vriddimmer SR-ZG2835RAC
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Fungerar utmärkt med både Philips Hue och Homey

• ZigBee knob smart dimmer based on latest ZigBee 3.0 protocol
 • 100-240VAC wide input and output voltage, can work under no neutral wiring and with neutral wiring, self-adaptive
 • Supports resistive loads, capacitive loads or inductive loads
 • Enables to set minimum brightness and startup brightness
 • 1 channel output, up to 600W
 • Trailing edge by default
 • Enables to control ON/OFF and light intensity of connected light source
 • ZigBee end device that supports Touchlink commissioning
 • Can be controlled by zigbee gateway, zigbee remote and local rotary knob
 • Can directly pair to a compatible ZigBee remote via Touchlink without coordinator
 • Supports self-forming zigbee network without coordinator and add other devices to the network
 • Supports find and bind mode to bind a ZigBee remote
 • Supports zigbee green power and can bind max. 20 zigbee green power remotes
 • Compatible with universal ZigBee gateway products
 • Standard size, can be compatible with existing EU standard frames, and installed into standard size wall box
 • Radio Frequency : 2.4GHz
 • Waterproof grade: IP20

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Main Features:
 • Can operate under two-wire connection with no neutral lead or three-wire connection with neutral lead
• Advanced microprocessor control
• Implemented algorithm of smart light source detection
• Active power and energy metering functionality
• Soft start function
• Innovative minimum dimming level and startup brightness setting functions
• The Bypass is an extension unit

As a dimmer it operates under the following loads:
• Conventional incandescent and HV halogen light sources
• ELV halogen lamps and dimmable LED bulbs (with electronic transformers)
• MLV halogen lamps (with ferromagnetic transformers)
• Dimmable LED bulbs
• Dimmable compact fluorescent CFL tube lamps
• Supported dimmable light sources (power factor > 0.5) with minimal power of 3VA using the Bypass (depending on the type of load)

  • Dimmable LED lamps: 300W @ 230V (Due to variety of LED lamp designs, maximum number of LED lamps is further dependent on power factor result when connected to dimmer.)

  • Dimmable LED drivers: 300W @ 230V (Maximum permitted number of drivers is 300W divided by driver nameplate power rating.)

  • Incandescent lighting, HV Halogen lamps: 600W @ 230V

  • Low voltage halogen lighting with electronic transformers: 300W @ 230V

  • Output Current: 2.8A max

  • Size(LxWxH): 83.8x83.8x52.4mm

  • Trailing edge dimmer by default.
Talks to Homey: Ja
Works with Hue Bridge: Ja
ZigBee vriddimmer SR-ZG2835RAC