Beetle Clip - 10mm - 2 Pin COB strip connector BCI-N10
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Leveranstid: 1-3 Vardagar

Connector för LED-lister.

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Beetle Clip is slimmest LED strip connector ever,its outer width is only 1.5mm wider than strip light's while the height is just 4.3mm. Pierce-to-contact technology make connecton very firm. Not to mention that user can tach different wires easily to the connector on site according to project requirement. Clear housing will not mask any light from LED strip.

Spänning: 5V DC
Spänning: 12V DC
Spänning: 24V DC
Bredd på slinga: 10mm
Max Ampere: 5
Typ av skarv: LED-list till LED-list
Typ av skarv: LED-list till kabel
Skarv passar till: COB
IP-klassning: IP20
Funkar med Hue V4: Nej