Makeblock mBot-S Explorer Kit mBot 3300927
1 299 Kr
Lagerstatus: 2
Leveranstid: 1-3 Vardagar

Explorer Kit has an LED Matrix which is not included in the standard version. This kit allows makers to build three different shapes of mBot. The LED matrix display is versatile because children can program to customize the expressions, texts and weather reports on it. Parts and components are standardized and user-friendly. Children can build their robots simply with a screwdriver The graphical programming is easy enough for children to create as they want and control the robots to play games, like obstacles avoidance and line-following.

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Explorer Kits is an upgraded kit of the makeblock star product mBot. It includes the original parts of the classic kit and further allows children to customize its LED dot-matrix screen. As an educational and entertaining robot of makeblock, Explorer Kits is quite easy to get started with, which makes it a perfect tool that helps beginners with their STEAM learning (science,technology,engineering, art and maths). Children can build robots into different shapes and learn how to program with the graphical programming software provided by makeblock. In the process, children get hands-on experiences of how fascinating the world of mechanics, electronics,controlling systems and computer science can be.

Connection mode: Bluetooth

Input: light sensor, button, IR receiver, ultrasonic sensor, line-following sensor

Output: Buzzer, RGB LED, IR transmitter, two motors, ports

1 ×Mini Wheel
25 ×M4*8 Screw
8 ×M3 Nut
8 ×M4*25+6 Brass Stud
4 ×M2.2*9.5 Screw
3 ×RJ25 Cable 6P6C-20cm
2 ×Motor
2 ×Slick Tire
2 ×Plastic Timing Pulley 90T for Motor
1 × 4AA Battery Holder
1 ×Bluetooth Module *
2 ×Motor Parts
1 ×Mainboard mCore
1 ×Ultrasonic Sensor
1 ×Me Line Follower
1 ×2.5mm Screwdriver
1 ×USB Cable
2 ×mCore Case
1 ×mBot Shell
1 ×White Acrylic array board
1 ×3*3*120° Bracket
1 ×IR Remote Control
6 ×M3*25 Screw
10 ×4*7*10 Plastic Spacer
4 ×M4*16+6 Brass Stud
8 ×R2064 Rivet
1 ×LED Matrix
4 ×M4 Nut
10 ×4*7*3 Plastic Spacer
4 ×M4*14 Screw
1 x Line-following Track
1 x Building Instructions
1 x Quick Start Guide