Startkit för elektronik (med ESP8266) X0012YT7G9 / X002HZ6OZ7
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A basic beginner kit with all the necessary components to jumpstart your interest in learning and making your own projects.

A complete starter kit that includes a development board fully compatible with ESP8266.

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The Wireless Super Starter Kit with ESP8266 is ideal for electronics enthusiasts and it is very useful to start working with the Arduino development environment. In addition, thanks to the included guide for this kit, any enthusiast can start creating simple or even more complex projects, even though he has never used a development board before. For most sensors and components in the kit, detailed lessons and commented codes are available and working with different sensors will become easier very quickly.

This development board is a complex one, capable of connecting to a wireless network, or even creating a wireless network because it has the Access Point function. It can also host a mini web server and has internal memory where you can store files, web pages and others. Thus, a fairly simple project can take a whole new direction. For example, you can create a weather monitoring station and the information can be displayed in a web page, a phone app or you can store it in the internal memory at a certain interval of time.

Another project detailed in the guide is building a piano. You have the design of a piano in a web page and when a clape is pressed, on the buzzer you will hear the sound for a note. These are simple examples of what the ESP8266 development board is capable of.


• Development board Wemos ESP8266 with CH340G; • USB type A to microUSB 1 m cable;
• 5 5 mm blue LEDs;
• 5 5 mm red LEDs;
• 5 5 mm yellow LEDs;
• 5 5 mm green LEDs;
• 5 5 mm white LEDs;
• 5 mm RGB LED with common cathode;

• 11 sets of resistors with 10 pieces/set:
• 10 O; • 100 O; • 150 O; • 220 O; • 330 O; • 1 kO; • 2 kO; • 5.1 kO; • 10 kO; • 100 kO; • 1 MO;

• Breadboard 830p;
•L293D motor driver;
• Set of 65 male-male jumper wires for breadboard;
• Breadboard power supply;
• Ultrasonic sensor HC-SR04+;
• 9V battery with DC jack;
• 10 kO WH148 potentiometer;
• 5 push buttons;
• SG90 90° servomotor;
• Fotoresistor;
• 4 NPN 2N2222 transistors;
• DHT11 Temperature and humidity sensor compatible with 3.3V;
• 2 1N4007 diodes;
• 2 74HC595 shift registers;
• 4 Digit 7 segments display with common cathode;
• Red ledbar;
• DC Motor;
• Propeller;
• 5V relee;
• Set of 10 20 cm male-female wires;
• Passive buzzer;
• Bidirectional level translator.